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The Serage CCTV range uses the latest technology to bring you high quality CCTV products for home, business or industrial use.
Established over 10 years ago, our main focus is Closed Circuit-Television, giving us an advantage over many other leading brands. It enables us to remain at the forefront of CCTV technology and innovation.
Our Serage range is user-friendly, high-quality and aesthetically pleasing. Produced by carefully selected manufacturers in Korea, it offers ease of installation with impressive picture quality. Serage often exceeds other well recognized brands in terms of quality and ability and comes at competitive prices.
Serage has also received recommendations on some of its products from the renowned Benchmark magazine in comparative testing against leading brand names.
All Serage products come with a 3 year warranty and excellent after sales support. We are experienced in not only bringing you quality CCTV products but going further to provide a CCTV solution, whatever the size of your project.


Our leading security systems

The Serage CCTV range has been developed using the latest technology, and therefore promises you high quality CCTV products for the home, business or industrial use.

The Serage range is produced by carefully selected manufacturers in Korea with a reputation for making CCTV products of the highest quality that are also user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

But don’t take our word for it, Benchmark magazine have also recommended several Serage CCTV products when testing against industry leading brand names.

Why Choose Us?


SERAGE was established over 10 years ago, and ever since then, we’ve been devoted ourselves to making the best security products for consumers and business owners.

  • All our cameras are very easy to set up and install, and our security cameras offer HD and 4K video quality
  • DVR security system has magnificent High definition image, allow viewing images with a HD resolution, and recording the video in the in-built HDD
  • Our cameras range are within everyone’s budget

We focus on what matters: Quality, customer service & customer satisfaction


Public safety and security is an important issue for a government at all levels


Combat shoplifting, internal theft, cashier fraud, and ensure a secure & safe shopping environment.


Our transportation solutions deliver crystal clear real-time and recorded images. The latest technologies like ANPR cameras


Using modern CCTV video surveillance systems to prevent problems and to document the path taken by the goods up to the hand-over to the carrier.

Residential & Commercial

Building facilities face similar challenges in fulfilling security, comfort, and management efficiency demand.

Banking and Finance

Money, finance, and security businesses are vulnerable to constant threats.

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